Never getting tired of circularity

The Pyro One pyrolysis installation is able to make new products from old car tyres. This pyrolysis installation is very special because it does not produce any waste. The heat is re-used, CO-2 is captured and the water is purified. The installation has been developed at Plant One Rotterdam.


The syngas that is produced in the process is used to keep the plant up and running, which makes the installation completely self-sufficient.


Pyro One combined these issues into a viable, self-sustaining installation, making a circulair economy by recycling ELTs (End of Life Tyres).


The installation is able to process 600 tons of shredded ELT per month with a 95% performance, producing Recovered Carbon Black (rCB), fuel oil and syngas.

Minimal emission

Each month Pyro One will be able to produce 270 tons of Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) and 270 tons of oil with minimal emission.

Pyro One Pyrolysis installation

Various countries already showed their interest in the Pyro One pyrolysis installation technology. Gabriel Tschin – one of the shareholders and owner of Plant One Rotterdam – : “We have done a seven months proof-of-concept and we are getting good products out of the plant. We can process car tyres, PP and PE into new plastics, pyrolysis oil, naphtha or carbon black”. The carbon black can be used to make new tyres, pigments for the color and paint industry and it can be used as an additive for asphalt. Pyro One wants to investigate how it can also make porous carbon, activated carbon and low-sulfur fuel with its installation in the future.

No waste

Pyrolysis is a technique that has been around for a long time. But pyrolysis alone is not enough, according to Tschin. Pyrolysis can solve part of the waste problem, but it is not intended to create other environmental problems. “You have to solve the total problem. So that means using residual heat, capturing CO2, water purification and reusing synthetic gas that is released during pyrolysis to generate your steam. And all this with emission control. We have built a new installation, it is the breakthrough in pyrolysis. “

Montly production



270 tons


270 tons

oil with minimal emission

600 tons

shredded ELTs

High in demand

Pyro One works together with car tyre specialist and car tyre collector Reedijk (also one of the shareholders of Pyro One). On Reedijk’s site is a shredder that shreds the car tyres into small pieces. Tshin explains: ‘Otherwise we get too much transport to Plant One Rotterdam.’ ‘One transport can replace four or five transports when the tyres are being shredded at Reedijk.’ Several companies have indicated that they want and can use Pyro One’s products. ‘It is unbelievable how many requests we have already received’, Tschin proudly stated. ‘We are working on Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and China. 

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